Monday, February 04, 2019

I Hurt

This morning I woke with a stiff neck and stiff muscles in my upper arms and shoulders.  I have had a small headache for days now.  I have passed grumpy and gone straight to BITCH. I feel like I can't breath..... I feel like everything is on my shoulders.... 

I feel like I haven't had any time to myself in ages........ between contractors being in the house day after day -- to the responsibility of the lil one... to trying to get my new computer to work and having problems and feeling stupid......... cold dark winter days aren't helping....... Sir Steve being under the weather (between the bug he picked up and the pain in his wrists and knees) hasn't helped either -- we haven't had any play time or sex in ages....... (ok ok it's only been 2 weeks BUT it feels like forever -- especially when I need to feel grounded ... when I need to feel like something more than a nanny/housekeeper)

the pain in my neck and shoulders is getting worse

I was supposed to go see my doctor this morning over the withdrawal crap..... my bi-monthly appointment. But we woke to freezing rain and more forecasted.... I cancelled and his nurse didn't sound happy and I felt guilty........ she rescheduled me for Wednesday (I really NEED to see the doctor to talk ya know??!!)  but it's Wednesday at 2:45 the exact time I am supposed to meet the lil one's school bus......
 At first I stamped my foot and told myself 'she isn't my daughter .... f*ck it let her father figure it out' but then I felt guilty and thought I should ask the neighbour if she can watch her...... then I felt guilty cause it's not her daughter either..... 

the pain in my neck and shoulders is getting worse

The contractors were in -- and aren't happy with the patch work on the ceiling (it is pretty bad) so they are gonna cut out the work they have done and re-do it -- which means days and days of them being in and out....... creating a mess of dust and plaster -- AGAIN!) 

The pain in my neck and shoulders is getting worse....... 

I am so tired ....... can I hand in my resignation now?


  1. Ahh geez, Morningstar ... all I can offer you is a big hug! ... and maybe a suggestion to see a massage therapist? they can do wonders with aching shoulders and neck. I bet you're having a big ol' stress attack ... BIG HUG! ... nj

  2. Aww Morningstar, hang in there. Sending huge (((hugs))). Massage is a good idea. Hope you get to the doctor soon as they may also be able to provide some relief.


  3. Sorry you are hurting. Hope you feel better today.

    Love and hugs,


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