Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Coming to terms...

For the longest time I have been waiting -- holding my breath and waiting -- for life to return to normal.

Normal - in my mind - was at the beginning of our relationship -- lots of private time -- no 'real life' problems -- a fantasy.  Then -- somewhere around declaring our love for each other -- things started to get complicated.  and I kept waiting for life to return to 'normal'.

I've done this before ..... many times .... when my husband started working shift work I kept saying 'when things return to normal'.... after I had my first baby I kept saying 'when things return to normal'.... and slowly the realization would hit that THIS was my new normal and I had to adjust.  I don't 'adjust' easily...... trust me not easily at all.

After this weekend it was really hard to return to 'normal' life around here... I dragged my heels -- I moaned and whined (in my head).  And this week's normal looks like test results with Sir Steve this afternoon -- the lil one's snuffy nose -- twisting my thumb yesterday and today coping with a slightly swollen VERY sore thumb that doesn't want to bend properly......... 

It would be so nice if 'normal' could look like a life with no bumps in the road... no detours.... just sunshine and lollipops ya know.......... but nah life isn't that way .. time to adjust to this new normal........

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  1. Life seems full of new normals Morningstar, sigh. Wouldn't sunshine and lollipops all the time be sound wonderful. Ouch on the thumb! Hope it recovers quickly. You should probably get it checked out.



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