Monday, June 04, 2018

One Year

We decided (well it was probably more me than Sir Steve) that June 1st would be our official anniversary.

It made sense to me -- we had a lot of "firsts" since Sept 2016 when he contacted me on Facebook......... BUT June 1st 2017 was when I officially packed up and moved to live with him.

We had a wonderful Anniversary weekend at the campsite -- steak and shrimp and wine for dinner on Friday night -- lots of good sex -- lots of quiet times by the fire and snuggling time.  Sir Steve even told me he was so proud to call me his girlfriend. (which made my heart swell)

But I wonder ya know ......... cause I'm like that over thinking the simplest things .... if he even thought in terms of 'anniversaries'.  We've settled into a routine -- a comfortable routine....which is what happens - right?? when you're together for any length of time......... 

 there's no spankings anymore......... there just never seems to be time or privacy enough for spankings...... for my feeling his control over my body.... for my masochist getting what she needs...... and I wonder how the Sadistic side of Sir Steve feels -- maybe it doesn't miss the spankings or does the normalcy of our relationship just not leave any time or space for them........... 

AND the first year was no walk in the park -- the stress of the custody -- the stress of adjusting for all of us -- last summer's unbelievable stress at the campgrounds feeling like we were always being watched and tested... All of that seems to have settled down -- life is better......... 

So now we embark on the second year together -- what it holds for us is anyone's guess -- but I am willing to bet it will hold lots of loving -- and more adjusting -- and compromise....... and establishing what this life together looks like, feels like, and IS for us.

Life is good when love comes first. 



Baker said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Roz said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful anniversary weekend :) A big year for you all with lots of changes and adjustments. I bet he misses the spankings etc also and hope you find a way to embrace it again.


Fondles said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

Enzo said...

Happy Anniversary! and be sure to celebrate.


Lea said...

Congratulations on all the love!

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