Friday, June 08, 2018


I have been feeling 'fat'...... and when that happens I HATE myself -- lose my confidence -- lose my incentive.

Perception is my biggest enemy.  I haven't weighed myself -- or measured myself... I just decided I was putting on weight.  It doesn't help that my summer shorts were feeling a wee bit tight... or that my Tshirts seemed to be 'fitting where they touched'.  

I was angry with myself.  I was discouraged.  I decided what did it matter?!

Then I thought about the wedding -- and the dress hanging in my closet.
I thought about how good I felt last summer -- confident -- in my shorts.
I thought about this feeling "fat" ........ 

So this morning I pushed the reset button -- time to get back on the calorie counting/exercising 
First step weigh myself.
I swear I closed my eyes -- I couldn't bare to see how much I had put on........ then I peaked -- then I opened my eyes wide.  I stepped off the scales and stepped back on..... cause geeeeez it had to be wrong........ 


it wasn't -- I have actually lost another pound!

Perception is definitely a problem for me (and probably others).

Life is good when the reality is better than the perception. 


thewomaninacape said...

That is great! Good job!

Roz said...

Well what a fantastic end result! Getting on the scales was a good thing! I can totally relate though, our own perception can be our own worst enemy. It has been a bit of a bingey few days with celebrations here and I "know" the scales have gone up. Sigh.


abby said...

...We are always so hard our ourselves...and, you know, muscles weigh more than fat! It is pretty nice to have the scale surprise you in a good way...hugs abby

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