Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This 'n That

Today is the first day of spring...... temperature 0 Celsius with sunshine... low tonite -8 Celsius......... (BIG sigh)  Who knows when we'll see spring temperatures here in the Great White North......... maybe June?!


Late last week -- abby left this comment on my blog.......  

 And..I came here to read updates...decided to try your links and was able to get into blogs that I have not been able to access...

I was wondering abby -- were you having trouble with your links for the blogs??? cause funny enough I have been having trouble accessing some blogs... I would get to that warning page that it was 'adult content' BUT when I hit the enter button -- it wouldn't open..  I was beginning to think I would have to post a "I'm sorry I haven't been commenting but........... " and then suddenly I was able to get in to them again... curious!


The other bit of news -- which is kinda occupying our minds full time this week -- we are off to court again on Thursday for the custody hearing.  Ever watch the movie "Groundhog Day"??? cause that's what it feels like........ 

The mother has not produced her medical report or her mental health report AND the Youth Protection (CAS) has not been back for the follow up appointment and has not filed their findings with the court.  We had that confirmed yesterday by Sir Steve's lawyer. 

Sir Steve has filed his papers as required -- and we have sent them all the documentation we have on mother's neglect/ignorance........ Also how mother refuses to communicate with Sir Steve.

So -- just like in September, in November and again in January -- Sir Steve will take the afternoon off work,  he's arranged a baby sitter to pick the lil one up at the school bus, we'll get dressed up and head down to family court and 10 minutes after we arrive we'll be on our way home again with yet another postponement.  



  1. :Yes...sounds like you and I were having the same 'bug' as far as blogs go...still having it for some. I can only imagine how aggravating all this going back to court is....why can't ..the child's best interest...be the only factor. Hurrah for you for hanging in there..sounds like the lil one needs to two of you.
    hugs abby

  2. Yes, still having trouble on occasion here as well. Hope blogger gets it together soon. I truly wish the court system had eyes to see all the issues out there through the correct lens. Hugs!

  3. So annoying, sorry all this is going on.

    Blogger is playing up for a lot of people. Comments disappearing or not publishing. It takes me 3-4 tries before I can log out, frustrating.


  4. yikes. court again? sounds like another "rinse and repeat" situation...

    i hope this time is different... better... somethinG!

    re: blogger - i cleared my browser cache / history / everything. and it went back to the way it was before.

    try it?

  5. Its the first day of spring here and we're getting a foot of snow. I'm very much over it.

    I have the same issue with the warning page cycling over and over. I find if i put "Https://" in the front of the web address, I can then get through.

    Prayers for a good and speedy outcome with this court case. At what point when this happens over and over will there be further legal retribution? It can't just go on like this forever. Can't there be like losses due to taking off work, babysitters, pain and suffering... something. Speed it along legal folks! Get your shit together, CYS!

  6. Hope things warm up soon, I'm lamenting the end of summer here. I'm sorry you are having to deal with all the court stuff. Must be so frustrating and stressful.


  7. The only blog I can't read is my own! I cycle through the adult warning again and again. I have to use Blogger to View Blog in order to see it.

    I will try the "https://" and see what happens. Thanks, Lea!



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