Thursday, March 08, 2018

More Q&A

Day 3 of Q&A..... this is fun!!  

ronnie said...
Question: If you could relive six months of your life, when would that be?  

6 months??  Ronnie -- Sir Steve read me your question last night -- and my answer was 'WOW that one's gonna make me think!"  

I had about 6 months transition between Montreal and moving to be with W..... I sometimes wonder if I had taken that time to really examine what I was going to do if I would have done it.... but would I change it -- honestly no I don't think so.......

BUT the 6 months when I tried being poly -- when I identified myself as poly -- those months I would take back.  I was still pretty vulnerable after the ending with W .... and still pretty easily influenced.  I was seeing myself as this uptight -- straight laced -- old fashioned woman who needed to get with the times.  SO I tried poly -- and I never felt right in my skin.  My voices were probably the loudest during that time... I was probably my most insecure during that time....... BUT it was such a learning time for me -- and just as I was reaching the end of my tolerance for being someone's '2nd'.... the outsider -- Sir Steve walked back into my life........ 
I believe every stage of my life has been a learning experience -- a time for growth -- and even the poly stage taught me I am a 'one man woman' that being old-fashioned and straight laced is who I am and there is not a damn thing wrong with that!!!  So my poly stage prepared  my heart and head for Sir Steve and my commitment to him........

So basically no -- I guess there is no 6 month period that I would want a 'do-over'  


  Eric51 Amy49 said...My favorite picture is the one of the building with all of the stairs along the outside

I love that picture of the outside staircase too.... it was taken at RMC (Royal Military College) in Kingston.  I dearly miss the photo opportunities in Montreal.  There outside staircases are the norm in the downtown section.  Tourists take pictures of them all the time as they are rather unique.  I don't miss living in Montreal -- but I do miss the photo opportunities..... there is so much history in Montreal ............. maybe one day Sir Steve and I can take a little holiday and return to Montreal and I can spend days wandering the city with my camera taking all the shots I am sorry I missed when I lived there............... 


  1. Enjoyed reading your answers!

  2. If you do go on that holiday, please share some of those pictures too!

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. I so hope you do manage to visit Montreal again. The photos are awesome :)


  4. Morningstar - Thanks for answering my question. I have enjoyed reading about your different relationships and yes you have taken away something from each one.
    I agree with the others, I enjoy seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing them.



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