Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day 7

We are on day 7 of Sir Steve working......... it's got to the point neither of us knows what day of the week it is...... it's got to the point he's exhausted ... his body is hurting (after all your body needs time to re-energize) more than usual.......

And yes - to my darlin' anonymous stalker - I am being "greedy" wanting some adult intimacy with my Sir Steve and yes my attitude is "shitty" ........ dear stalker you can try pushing all my buttons (which you know so well) ....... but I will not apologize for my very real feelings...... missing him ...worrying about him.... wanting him.

The important thing is (I think) that I support him in this -- his meals are made - he has yummy baking to nibble on -- his clothes are washed -- his house clean -- he can devote his time and energy to his job -- to his new business -- I've got his back!!

And when this period is over -- and things return to normal -- we will have our adult intimacy again and we will hold each other up again........... when things return to normal.............. 

and that is a very good thing!


Roz said...

I'm sure your support means a great deal to him too. I hope you get that time together soon.


Eric51 Amy49 said...

I love that rather than wallow in the fact that he is so busy, you've found a way to be supportive and a part of what he is doing. Way to go!

Hermione said...

Keeping the home fires burning is so important for him. What if he came home to a house full of clutter, no hot meal, and no clean clothes for the morning? You are doing your part just fine!


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