Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 9 1/2

Day 9 1/2 because Sir Steve tells me he'll be home for lunch -- AND -- for the next 3 days..... 

So we knocked this out of the park ....... YAY !!

This afternoon Sir Steve is taking me to find an optometrist cause I really REALLY need new glasses -- I feel blind!  Then this evening we're taking a lil road trip and going to a new munch with new people -- like people I don't know -- like crowds of people I don't know -- my mantra is "I can do this ... I can do this".... (small smile)

Then till Saturday evening we're pretty much on our own to amuse ourselves.  Think we can find something to fill the time???  (cheeky grin) 


  1. Hurrah..enjoy!!!...I know you will:) hugs abby

  2. Yay! Happy for you! Enjoy your time together, I'm sure you will find something to do :)


  3. Fabulous enjoy your time together and you will be fine at the munch. Stay positive.
    Hugs Lindy xx


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