Friday, March 23, 2018

Naked Truth (and an FFF update)

We spent 1 1/2 hours in court yesterday -- it felt much longer than that.  Despite it being 2018 - we managed to get a female judge who firmly believes children should be at worst 50/50 with their parents -- and I am guessing -- at best 100% with their mother.  I can't get over how many people still believe that just because you spread your legs and pushed another human being out of your belly you qualify for "Mother of the Year".

This judge wanted one week with Mother one week with Father.  One problem with that brilliant idea -- mother lives almost one hour away from the school.  Can you imagine what time the lil one is gonna have to get up (especially on wintery mornings) to get to school for 8:00 a.m.??!!!

We wanted status quo -- mother has her every weekend -- summers are one week on one week off -- and the holidays are shared.  

The judge decided (Sir Steve says he felt bullied into this) that the mother will pick up from school Friday afternoons and return her to school on Monday mornings.  This is for a trial period (we have no idea how long that trial is) 
The suspicion Sir Steve's lawyer has -- IF this works then the judge will rule for one week on - one week off as the final judgement.  We are gonna fight that..... Sir Steve has contacted the teacher and he's hoping to have an appointment with her next week

Know what breaks my heart ??!!  The lil one calls this place HOME...... not the mother's ... HERE is HOME!  and the courts don't seem to care.

Neither Sir Steve nor I know how to tell the lil one.......though we have two weeks to find the words.......... 

I hate to say it BUT I am hoping the lil one struggles with this change -- that she acts up in school -- at home -- that she gives us a reason to fight this ........ fight it with everything we've got......  
BUT truthfully the lil one is so adaptable -- we did such a good job building up going to Mom's on weekends (she used to call Sir Steve 3-4 times every weekend asking to come HOME) -- building up what fun it will be -- I believe she will work this out........ 

AND I want her to work it out -- I want her to be happy and adjust well to this change... 
BUT on the other hand I don't want her to be happy and adjusted -- I want the courts to say she is better off with her father... and I know that is so very wrong of me !!

Talk about 'mixed emotions' 
colour me very sad


On the upside -- I weighed myself for FFF and I have lost all the weight I put on -- YAY!  and except for yesterday when I did a whole lot of emotional eating -- I am back recording every morsel of food that I eat and keeping my calorie intact down to my calorie burn...... 


  1. I'm so sorry you are all having to deal with this, especially the lil one and I totally understand the mixed emotions. I really hope this is resolved in the best way possible for everyone.

    Congratulations on the we loss! That is awesome and must feel good :)


  2. That really stinks with the court ruling. Hope you can eventually work something out so you, Sir Steve and the lil one are all happy.
    Good on you for the weight lose with all this turmoil going on. You've done really well.
    Hugs Lindy xx


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