Friday, March 16, 2018


I had a mini meltdown yesterday over my weight..... instead of losing I managed to put on 1.5 pounds !!!  

No excuses allowed -- I know how and I know why........ no one's fault but my own .. and my own lack of self control.

Sir Steve and I talked about it -- he said he would do anything he could to support me which is very nice.... I don't normally talk to anyone about my weight issues -- or even blog about them....... both are tough to do... BUT I am trying to stay honest ... to be accountable -- to NOT ignore it -- so here I am on Fit Friday admitting I have fallen completely off the healthy eating wagon... have put on 1.5 pounds instead of losing it... 

I felt more confident after my talk with Sir Steve.  We went off to our munch and I ordered a smoke meat sandwich with no fries ..... YAY me right?!  The sandwich came and it was HUGE -- and I do mean HUGE!!  I thought to myself I will only eat half and take the other half home.......I cleaned my plate.................. (see my disappointed / sad face)

Today is another day........... a new start....... again........... 
Hopefully next week I will have a better report


  1. The scales don't tell the full story of course. It's about how you feel. Mine seem to go up and done on a daily basis. Less on day more the next. A family lunch today and friend's birthday tomorrow aren't going to help. Sigh.

    Glad Sir Steve is being supportive.


  2. I think we have all had our weeks where the scales have gone up and then they come down again. I've started measuring myself that way I see more of a difference. Maybe try this to see how you go.
    Good luck! don't be too hard on yourself when you do put on weight though.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. I have a issue with eating whatever is in front of me. ;) So, when I'm taking my dieting seriously, whenever I order at a restaurant I ask for half to come in a to-go box. I get two meals out of it - save on money and calories! Hope that helps.

  4. Amy's on to something. but sometimes if it's a new place and i don't know what their portion size is, i will wait till they bring the food then cut up the sandwich / burger / fish fillet / steak whatever. and then have them pack up the half before i even start eating. that also allows me to eat my fries with less guilt since i know i'm eating only half my main.

    the other way is to share food. the stuff i post on my blog (dinner pics etc) is usually meant for both BIKSS and me. we often end up having a salad and a main to share. sometimes it's salad/appetizer /main. but only one of each thing and we always share the meal.

    it really IS enough. good luck. i hope it helps.

  5. Love the idea of asking ahead to have half boxed...I am going to use that one. And..I came here to read updates...decided to try your links and we able to get into blogs that I have not been able to access...
    hugs abby

  6. If I am going to only eat half a portion, I have to put that portion aside RIGHT away. I don't have the willpower to hope I'll only eat the half - I know myself.

    What goes up, must come down! I hope that will be the way of the scale for you soon.


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