Monday, March 05, 2018

Nature or Nurture ?

Over the weekend Sir Steve said "go pick 2 toys out of the bag and put them on the end of the bed".

Simple request right??

NO!  just 2 toys??!!  I opened the bag and saw the knife -- saw the flogger -- saw the quirt -- and yes saw the paddles and the crops.  2 toys -- one flogger -- one ..... quirt?? no wait ... one knife..... no wait ... quirt... no knife... 

WAIT WAIT - there's rope here -- I want rope -- he's never used rope before!!

I cracked the door open a wee bit   "Can I pick 3 toys?" I asked ...... "Yes" He answered... 

So I picked the flogger ........ the quirt ....... and some rope.

I was excited -- and nervous... I just left the toys on the bed and went out to Sir Steve.

Being a f***ing Sadist he sat quietly watching his tv show and barely acknowledged me.  

BUT finally we went into the bedroom....... 

He eyed the choice of toys... I was literally vibrating beside him.... he said "I said 'end of bed'.  Well the brat came out -- and I pointed out to him ANY edge of the bed was technically the **end** of the bed.... 

Suffice to say -- I was bound to the bed and enjoyed a rather nasty play time......... Sir Steve loves the 'brat'... loves the challenge....... and I do LOVE keeping things challenging for him (sweet angelic smile)


  1. "Being a f***ing Sadist he..."

    LOL - oh how they make us wait hahaha.

  2. What is a quirt? It is March - question and answer month. That is my question. :)

  3. "I do love keeping things challenging for him" LoL, a potentially dangerous thing to do.



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