Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Apparently March is question and answer month.  I used to know that -- but didn't think about it this year until yesterday when Amy asked me what a quirt was.  

So question and answer month it is then!!  Should you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

Now Amy -- our quirt looks like this 

and by definition is.......

noun: quirt; plural noun: quirts
  1. 1.
    a short-handled riding whip with a braided leather lash.
verb: quirt; 3rd person present: quirts; past tense: quirted; past participle: quirted; gerund or present participle: quirting
  1. 1.
    hit with a quirt.

and a tawse was used for discipline in Scottish schools -- I have one of these too -- only not sure where it is after my move..... 

it looks like this.............


A while back someone (sorry can't remember who) asked what was happening with my lil apartment -- as I seem to be living with Sir Steve 24/7.
The apartment is still mine -- I seem to fluctuate between giving it up and moving everything here (mostly into the basement cause there's no room) and keeping it.  It certainly is a drain on finances -- having two separate homes........ but legally right now it is the best answer.... and............ as much as I don't even want to think about it...  I have packed up and sold off and moved too many times to be with someone..... this time I don't want to sell off anything else -- and god forbid -- if things go south with Sir Steve -- at least I have a cute lil quirky apartment to fall back on.


I have an anonymous commenter who seems to get quite stressed out over my having pictures of any child -- including the lil one -- on my blog.  It has played on my mind.  I have cleared any picture of the lil one with Sir Steve before posting it (most of them are back shots or profile shots) and Sir Steve has given me the go ahead.  
I understand that on Fetlife one can not post ANY picture of ANY child (even a cartoon picture).  And I understand that some folks get quite bent out of shape about the chance of some sick mind getting off on children on a public BDSM/Kink site.... 
BUT ya know -- this blog isn't as much about BDSM as it is about my life.  Honestly I don't separate BDSM from every day life.  It just is who we are.  

AND before 'anonymous' or anyone else gets all bent out of shape -- NO the lil one has no idea of what goes on behind closed doors. 

I don't see a threat from any police force or Big Brother sweeping down on us because I might post a picture once in a blue moon of the lil one ........... 


AND finally -- for today -- I have a question for you my dear readers......... 
There is a huge ongoing debate/discussion on 'consent violations' on Fetlife.  And in the vanilla world we have the #METOO group.  

Why now?? What are your thoughts feelings on this issue?? help me out -- I have a very strong opinion on the whole subject and would love some calm feedback on the subject to help me sort out my thoughts........................



  1. Everone seems to be getting on the consent bandwagon, IMHO it's in danger of getting out of hand. I'm not on Fetlife so wasn't aware of the chatter there.

    Questions: What is your favourite movie? Favourite place you have visited?


  2. What is one thing you pack when travelling? If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Hi! I think I was the one who asked about your apartment. Thanks for the response.

    As far as consent goes... I think consent is important, obviously. I consent to be in this relationship with my Sir. And I think it is fantastic that people are not taking having themselves violated in stride any longer (in general). I think it seems like it is out of proportion, because it is actually a huge issue. Is there any woman that you know that has not been violated, in some way? From "small things" like an unwanted touch, an unwanted comment, catcalling to being followed, being screamed at in public, online harrassment, to outright abuse, assault, rape? There is literally no woman that I know that has not had this experience.

    The first time a male touched me when it was unwanted, I was 12. Twelve! Just up and grabbed my breasts. And we women have learned to take it in stride, minimize, deflect, usually to de-escalate a situation. To protect ourselves. And lots of men perceive many of these actions as okay. That we're the ones taking things out of proportion. We're not. We're just finally not taking this shit anymore, as a group in general. And it is on such a huge scale, that its staggering and it makes a lot of people think it's a huge deal over nothing.

    This is going to be an unpopular statement, but in my experience, the women who seem to think that it is going overboard are older. From a different generation where one didn't make a big deal on such things, so it seems overboard to them. My aunt told me that we all should stop having a victim's mentality. I thought that was ridiculous. Asserting yourself and the rights to your body isn't having a victim's mentality. I'm sure there are those out there that want sympathy, and have a "poor me" attitude, but the vast majority of women I interact with aren't like that. They just want basic human decency. The things I have to explain to some men are fucking ridiculous, as to why it's inappropriate. It just needs to stop. I shouldn't have to use the whole "what if this was your mom or sister" to get the point across. We're people.


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