Friday, March 31, 2017

Whimpers in the dark

Whispering in the dark "I need you - you know -- need you badly"

Later ...........He was propped up over me -- his eyes staring down at me

I was holding my breath -- feeling his cock inside me -- not moving -- just plusing 

Heat building 

Biting my lip 
Wanting to feel that first thrust so badly

His eyes smiling at me 
Knowing what I needed / wanted
BUT waiting - making me wait for that exquiste moment............. 

Then he plunged deep inside of me 
Making my eyes open wide with the intensity of the feelings that washed over my body 
And through my body

My brain screamed 'thank you thank you " over and over 
As finally the orgasms hit 
My body arching off the bed to meet his thrusts

And his eyes - the same - staring down at me -- 
holding my gaze
Until the tremors slow down
And my body is just a shivering twitching clump of clay in his hands

He rolls off me and pulls me in tight against his chest
soothing me with soft touches 
and even softer kisses

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