Friday, March 17, 2017

Hot hot hot !

Last night Sir Steve (after torturing my nipples for the second night in a row -- because - we've established - he really really likes nipples!)  brought out the knife... the one from so many years ago that I teased wouldn't cut through warm butter but which actually sliced off my thongs.

Knife play for me is hot -- so very hot! 

The point of the blade traced patterns - pretty patterns - across my torso -- stopping to press against my hard nipples -- I hold my breath -- then the patterns continue -- across my chest ...over my shoulder... down the length of my arm tickling the tip of my middle finger then sliding back up again.  Across my chest again -- stopping to tease and torture the other nipple then sliding over the shoulder and down the other arm.  

Slowly - tantalizingly slowly -- the blade slides down my belly -- I wait -- expecting to feel the tip of the blade poke at my clit jewelry -- but not this time.  This time the blade slides all the way down my thigh - my calf to my toes.  

My mind is dancing in the sparkly lights -- my body is twitching and arching -- wanting / needing to feel the blade against my clit -- sliding over my pussy - knowing one wrong twitch and the play turns from sensually hot to real ouch!

I feel the sharp tip slide into the ring through my clit hood -- it's tight -- pressing against the delicate tissue -- time and space evaporate.......... then smack smack -- the blade of the knife is hitting the jewelry making me whimper (Sir Steve says whine -- but PLEASE -- I do not whine -- I whimper!)  ohhhhhh it feels soooo good - so hot!   and then the blade is playing between my pussy lips -- the occasional sharp pang of hurt -- I wonder if I am bleeding....... but it doesn't worry me -- Sir Steve's knife continues to arouse and tease me -- my hips are thrusting against the blade .... the heat burns inside.............. 

And then the blade is laid aside -- and I slide down Sir Steve's body and take his cock in my mouth -- such sweetness !! 

And now the curtain closes on the end of another delightfully wicked evening in Sir Steve's bed.............. 

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