Thursday, March 30, 2017

Character is Important

Yesterday, as planned, Sir Steve and I went to visit 3 'apartments' in the hopes of finding something that would be the perfect fit for me.

You have to know I tend to look at the 'cuteness' of a home -- like the first home I found (after my divorce) had a round kitchen (you had to see it to understand) I NEVER noticed all the faults with the house just the round kitchen.  

Sir Steve and I had an agreement -- I would look for the cuteness and the uniqueness and he would check things like structure and mould and other assorted problems. 

The first visit we had was to a 4 plex -- two on top -- two on the bottom.  The one we were looking at was one on the main level.  The minute we walked through the door I fell madly in love!  Talk about cute!  It has this smallish room you walk into -- that opens up into the living room.  The bedrooms and bathroom off the living room.  The kitchen is through the living room.  Lovely dark wood everywhere you look.  

It was hard to tell the size of the rooms because the tenants are in the 
process of packing -- so picture boxes everywhere -- as well as their furniture.  BUT it has a nice big eat in kitchen with a walk in pantry!!!  and laundry hook ups -- AND AND AND a basement!  Ok it's not a finished basement -- or good for anything much - other than storage and the cat's litter box -- but I have a basement!!

And the best news............ it's $400 less a month in rent compared to what I am paying now. When we got in the car Sir Steve gave it his stamp of approval and I bounced all the way to the next appointment.  We saw the other 2 places but my heart was in the first one....... it is perfect !

So I have filled in the tenant forms and wait to see if I am approved.  I have my fingers crossed ............ 

oh and I almost forgot -- another plus to this lil home is -- it's a 5 minute walk to Sir Steve's -- colour me one happy lady!!!

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