Friday, March 10, 2017

Size Does Count

OR - explaining sex with a masochist to a Sadist

Back when I was playing with the 2 Sirs -- She would love to tell the story of how she shocked some gay males one evening by demonstrating the size of Sir Steve's cock by plunking a water bottle on the table -- and saying "yup -- pretty much that big".  I am guessing I probably blushed and took my mind elsewhere.  It wasn't for me to dream about. 

Except now it is mine and I can dream and fantasize to my heart's content.  Just for comparison purposes -- for science (yup that's it -- for science!!)  here's how a water bottle fits in a hand..............

yup that big!!

Now as much as the saying goes "it's not about the size -- but what they do with it" let me reassure you all -- in this case Sir Steve has both covered -- size and what to do with it.  (and often)

I told Sir Steve -- after the first time we had sex -- that I was NEVER gonna tell anyone how big he was -- or how good -- cause I wasn't anyone's PR person (cheeky grin)

And honestly that is not what this blog entry is about -- honest!!!  

Last weekend Sir Steve had my legs over his shoulders and I kept repeating "ouch ouch ouch" with a couple of "oh my GOD's" added in for good measure. And he stopped!  

YES stopped!!!

and put my legs back down on the bed.   Fortunately he didn't give me much time to pout.  BUT I have been wondering why he would stop -- and how to approach the subject with him.

The other night I was being a bit bratty (yeah I know that's a HUGE shock - morningstar a brat!!??  )   and said I was gonna have to start poking his internal Sadist.  From there it was a fairly easy jump to asking why he stopped.  Turns out he didn't want to hurt me.  WTF?!  I tried to find a comparison -- so I said "if you are beating my ass and I say ouch would you stop" and he said 'that's play -- we weren't playing that time I don't want to hurt you" 

B I G   S I G H !

He's such a wonderful Dom -- such a caring man !!  BUT I am not a china doll -- and honest true I won't break.  I had to find a way to explain that to him - or learn to stop saying "ouch" .......... an explanation seemed the easier way .......... 

So I 'introduced' myself to him one more time -- reminded  him I am a masochist... and pain turns me on -- the more pain the more turned on I get.  It's really a simple equation. He hesitantly said he got it.  So I made him a promise -- I would still say ouch ouch (cause dear god it DOES hurt!)  BUT that if it is 'bad' hurt I will make sure he knows...... no safe words please -- just plain english -- something along the lines of "wait stop -- that's too much! "  

Size does count -- especially for a masochist -- and communication  counts too so everyone is on the same page.
And that is a recipe for a good relationship!


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