Tuesday, March 14, 2017

On Passionate Love

too good not to share!

I will not Love you comfortably, I will take you out of your safe places and into a Wild heaven that you have not even touched with your dreams.

My Love will most likely be inconvenient, and show up when you think you are not ready for me.

I will arouse your Spirit, not just your body or heart. I will take you back to where we first met, all those deserts and skies ago, but you will not realise it until later.

My Love will disturb your routines, your laziness, your escape mechanisms, the comfortable sink into habit and predictability.

I will stir your distant soul memory, so deeply and with such swiftness and lightning-bolt clarity that you will feel you have been arrested by some Mystery you cannot name.

My Love will take you into such reveries, dreams and fantasies for sensual, sacred and creative adventures that you will sometimes wonder if you are still living in the normal world. You may suddenly find yourself waking up at 3am, yearning for a Wild Life that had eclipsed itself from your consciousness.

I will flood your mind, body and soul with energy that seems to be from a Radiant New World, but is simultaneously exquisitely Ancient and Lost.

My Love may make you want to walk away from everything mediocre, average and normal that you have ever known in exchange for the Wildest of nights, the starriest of kisses, the most enduring of conversations and the most mystical of gazes.
I will not be easy to Love in the conventional sense, because I have arrived to show you your own Divine magnificence. I will spark the fires of transformation. I will wrap my unconditionally-loving heart around yours until you cannot do anything else but grow in Love.

My Love will require you to walk the hot coals, move through the dark forests of the Soul, take off your heavy garments and ride naked through the Stars. You will need to confront all the ways in which you resist and harden yourself to Love, to Purpose, to Power and Passionate Living. I will always show you the mirror.

I will not fit into your schedule, your daily planner, or your carefully thought-out strategies for security. I will show up one day, unannounced, lay my glorious, sweeping curves upon your desk and demand that you worship yourself into ecstatic oblivion with me. I will remind you that you are not in control of this Universal Magic-Carpet Ride, and that you need to let go…..Now.

My Love will feel to you like refreshing dewdrops of starlight, after the plunging dark of an endless, star-less night.

My love will feel to you like incomprehensible, heart-stopping warmth, penetrating the soul of your cold bones with a patience and devotion that causes your eyes to suddenly prick with tears.

My love will always be here for you, even when you don't want it, because it is confronting you with the silent, midnight truth of just how achingly precious and sacred you are to me.

My Love is your salvation, because your Soul asked for me, Wildly.
My Love is your truth, because your Body cried for me, Ecstatically.
My Love is your destiny, because your Eyes have always been searching for me, Blindly.
My Love is finally Here, because You are ready for me - and the Wild Ways of my Fiery, Wandering Heart.

~Sophie Bashford

(from a Wildwoman Sisterhood)

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