Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sir Gimpy

Sir Steve was scheduled for surgery yesterday...... so I extended my stay with him to 'play nurse', as he will be (should be!) off his foot for a week or so.  I am thinking his image of morningstar the nurse was a bit like this............. 

when in truth morningstar the nurse is more like this.................

It was a wee bit stressful yesterday -- sitting around the waiting room waiting for the surgery to be over and to be able to bring him home............ that's all I wanted ya know to get him out of the hospital and home safe and sound.

It took just over 4 hours then he was mine to bring home and nurse back to health....  which might just involve some rope and quick ties to keep him in his chair with his leg elevated.  AND to keep him home from work!!!  (he's such a stubborn man!)

The hospital staff did what I have been threatening to do -- painted his toe nails (well ok his whole leg -- but his toe nails are a pretty pink too!!)

Now I am off to make gallons of coffee to keep my 'patient' happy and caffeinated (rather than sedated) and maybe hunt up some rope (cheeky grin)

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