Monday, June 20, 2016

A Quiet Moment in Time

It was late and dark as I climbed in my car to do the long drive home.

My mind was reviewing the evening - feeling the knots of discomfort -- feeling the awkwardness ......... and then I caught a whiff of a scent... 

My senses heightened -- it was in my hair and across my shoulders. A small smile came to my face - the awkwardness and the discomfort disappeared .  In it's place was the memory of his scent....... of his soft voice speaking soft words ... of his strong arms pulling me close in a hug - soft words apologizing for not being able to fix it ... calm words - strong arms and a soft kiss.

The drive home was not so long anymore - or so miserable -- his scent was with me and I felt surrounded by his calm and his peace and his strength. 

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