Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Devil Incarnate

I have a long sordid history with squirrels....... and despite being a total pacifist -- if I had a gun I would shoot them!!!  (ok ok a paint gun - with pellets maybe)

Yesterday the damn squirrels nearly drove me to distraction.  I had swept the balcony and found a lot of dirt -- a LOT of dirt -- from my fairy garden on the ground.  I glanced at the potted garden and all seemed fine....... except for a couple of rather limp looking plants.

I repotted them - and made sure they were all tucked in nice and safe and continued on with my day.

Mid afternoon Miss Ashes was going crazy -- bouncing all over the living room.  

I came to see what was wrong.  There were not one - not two - but THREE squirrels on my balcony .... two sitting on the table with my fairy garden and one sitting on the back of a chair leaning into the garden.,

I banged on the window and clapped my hands to scare them away.  

I hadn't even got half way across the living room when they were back !!!  One of them - the one on the back of a chair - looked in the window at me and I swear he thumbed his nose at me!!!

I went out like a mad woman and scared them away.

When I looked - there were 3 plants lying dejected on the balcony...... and piles -- PILES -- of earth spread all over the table and my freshly swept balcony.  UGH!!

While I cleaned up the mess and replanted the wee plants my mind was searching for an immediate cure for squirrels (besides a gun) I know they don't like moth balls (but I didn't have any on hand) .. I know they don't like hot pepper sauce (but I didn't have any on hand).  What to do !!!  What to do!!  (besides bringing my pot inside)

Then I had a brilliant idea.

I do have Vick's Vapour Rub.  I went and found it and went back to the balcony.  I spread a thick layer of the Vick's around the edge of the pot........ put some on the ends / edges of my hanging plants... and then I spread it all over the railing of the balcony.

I came back inside and didn't have to wait long..... back came one squirrel.  I watched as he sniffed around the railing and boldly stepped through and scampered up the chair onto the table.  I held my breath.  I couldn't see him cause the plants hid him -- but all of a sudden he leapt off the table.......... ran through the railing to the grass and started rubbing his nose first with his paws then burying his nose in the grass and rubbing it back and forth.

I stood there smiling.  I do not know if I have stopped the squirrel attacks on my fairy garden -- but I do know that one devil squirrel will think twice before he comes a calling!! 

(Now all I have to contend with is the smell of Vick's Vapour Rub on the balcony and when the wind blows - in my living room  (sigh)

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