Monday, July 20, 2015


I was thinking this weekend about words.  I - for the most part - pick my words carefully - I try to be diplomatic.  (Yeah Yeah - I can be diplomatic you doubters!!)  and mostly I worry about hurting someone with my words - or causing harm.  

But the truth of the matter is....... this is my one place to open my heart and let the words flow..... I welcome comments - even differing opinions... we grow from seeing the opposite side of a discussion - those that don't want to hear any dissenting voices will never grow or expand the way they see things - or the world.  

What you read here (in case you need reminding) is only MY opinion.... like with my piece the other day about after care - where I said sex was good after care.  Not everyone - in fact quite a few - disagree with me.  They believe that BDSM and sex doesn't/shouldn't mix.  Good on you!!!

But I realized when I went to that discussion the other night - and wrote the piece on after care - that I have never really thought about what I need/want in the way of after care... usually I was told what I needed - which isn't quite the same thing.

This new time in my life is allowing me the right to set out what I need and or want... what works for me and what doesn't work for me.... and I am going to take this time to sort out a whole mess of things I never did before.......... (I was such a good subbie/slave I just believed what I was told my needs/wants were)

I guess what I am saying - in a round about way is - that this blog is still The Journey - only now it is a Journey into finding what really matters to me... OH I will probably still bitch and complain from time to time - still shed a tear or two over what was and is no longer...... but for the most part I hope this is more a Journey towards a newer better stronger me!  

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