Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Necessary Shopping Spree

Most people who know me well - know I HATE shopping with a passion.  I will wear my clothes out - literally OUT - before I go shopping.  

BUT - this week I had to break down and head out to the stores.  You see I have been invited to a couple of house parties in the next two weeks....... and both of them involve a pool and swimming.  I haven't been in a swim suit in YEARS!!  In fact when I moved here I don't even think I brought the old one I had knocking around.

Now a number of people have assured me that these parties are "swim suit optional" parties.  (clearing throat) "excuse me - swim suit optional??!!"  My reaction has now got people thinking I am "difficult" - when I asked for a definition of "difficult" I was told "not one of those EASY girls"  I nearly died laughing.

No I guess I am not one of those EASY girls - but I'm not that difficult either.  This whole swim suit thing is a body image issue.  and I don't think/believe I am alone in this.  However - I at least want to start off wearing a nice looking swimsuit - something that hides a multitude of sins.    

So I went looking.  and decided the only swimsuit that was gonna work - gonna make me feel comfortable - was one like this...............

Le sigh........... do you think that will help my "difficult" reputation?? (cheeky grin)

And for those of you interested - yes I found a new one - red and black... and it doesn't look anything like the ones in the picture!  I am hoping the red bits will bolster my confidence - the sales girl said it looked "great" (yeah like I believe a sales girl) ......

BUT then - there's always the slim chance that it will rain and be cold and miserable both weekends right?? 

oh and I almost forgot to mention - a girlfriend and I were having coffee this week - and discussing these up coming parties.  She popped up - went into the other room and returned with a baggie ........ full of............ are you ready for this........ CONDOMS!!

Dear god in heaven - condoms????

Well I guess she doesn't see me as "difficult"........  

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