Friday, July 31, 2015

Cue Cards needed

Now you are gonna have to follow the bouncing subbie ball here - cause I am trying to sort  things out...... yeah AGAIN!!

   I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer some times - honest I'm not!!  (and I can hear the rest of you snickering - I can!!)   There are some facets of life that I wish came with cue cards... or some sort of instructions.

A week or so ago I was talking with a close friend - she said "well look at all the folks who are flirting with you"  My jaw hit the floor - people have been flirting and I didn't pick up on it??!!  Most of the time - I just think people are being "nice'........... flirting never enters my mind... never has - not even when I was a young thing...... nice people that's what they were........ My friend - my "mini me" promised she would pinch me from now on to wake me up (her answer to cue cards - le sigh)

And then there was this conversation via text last week with some other friends - where I was asked what foods I like and I said "I'm easy" - MEANING I am not a picky eater.  Then there were the cracks about how he didn't think I was easy and I answered back (cheekily) are you saying I am difficult - to which he answered "NO just that you are not one of THOSE easy girls".

Ok by that point I knew we were talking about sex and teasing etc... I never thought it was a "fact finding mission" - was it??

Ok fast forward a few days - now there is a lot of talk involving double meanings (I think) - and talk about how things have occurred in the past - I tried to talk around the topic - drop my own kind of hints (gee are ya wondering how well that worked out for me??!!)

And then I thought I would just follow his lead - cause I am best at following - which is why I am a sub - a damn good one! His lead really didn't go anywhere. Oh there was some talk of sex - (see me blushing?) but no - ummm - directness - not in my mind. And I worried about overstepping the line.  He does have a very special significant other - called a wife.  And before anyone gets all bent out of shape - she was right there the whole time..........

Anyway all that to say - between being brought up to be a "good girl" and feelings of "who would want me (sexually)"  I am stuck in some limbo - wanting to get order or two would work wonders - and when it comes to flirting - either mini me had better start pinching me - OR - the flirter had better hit me over the head........ 

cause I am definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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  1. Now Morningstar stop putting yourself down - you are smart, you are sassy, you are fun and you are going to have a damn fine time - and that's an order!


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