Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I think most - if honest - would admit to having primal urges - some urges more intense than others but still - primal needs/wants/desires

Saturday night found me back in the dungeon.  This time not with the gentle Top who introduced me to the tens - who used knives and breath play to reach deep down inside of me and find my lil hidey hole - where "she" lives.

No on Saturday night I was with this Top who is discovering his primal side - nurturing it ... encouraging it..

This Primal does not frighten me - much less for sure - than the gentle Top who taught me on Friday night ........... and I wondered about that and I believe it is because I have an affinity for the Primal - and I DO love how they play - these primals - his and mine.

There is no politeness in the way these primal creatures play - they sweat and they groan and they growl and he forces orgasms out of me - from the pain only - and they don't scare him - he dances around them - he wants more of them ... to his primal I am not some freak - I am just another primal who has come out to play........... 

The play is intense - no toys - just skin against skin - pain rising up to drench my senses .... and his too I am sure... and bruises sprinkled like fairy dust across my thighs, my ass....

And when it's all over he wraps me up tight in a warm blanket - tight in his arms as we both sweat and pant together and come back to this earth together........ bonded in some weird primal way........... 

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