Friday, July 03, 2015


Two years ago I put in a BIG oriental-ish garden in the backyard.  I had such dreams back then of garden parties - barbeques - sitting in the shade of my big red umbrella reading in the afternoons.

The problem with a BIG garden is that it takes a lot of work - whether you feel like it or not..

And by the end of last summer I wasn't feeling like it... there had been no barbeques - no garden parties - just me outside reading.........

Needless to say there hasn't been a lot of enthusiasm towards the garden this summer... I only got out yesterday to start working on it... trimming back the winter kill... digging out the mounds of weeds...

The other problem with my back garden is we back on to a green space...forest.. with tons of undergrowth which grows through the back fence - and bugs... especially mosquitoes.

I am allergic to mosquitoes - and none of the damn sprays work! 

This morning I tried to work away at the mess that once was a beautiful dream - a beautiful garden,  I got to the back fence ...... started digging and was attacked by BIG man eating mosquitoes!!  I kid you not!

I lasted as long as I could - swatting and digging and swatting some more.  I watched as big red welts came up on my arms... I could feel them on my neck and head.  After an hour I was miserable - close to tears and itching so badly I thought I would rip my skin off.

I started putting everything away

W came around the back and cracked a funny (I guess) said "what you finished already?!"

It all went down hill from there... 

I landed up after he left  sitting on the front deck as far away from my garden and mosquitoes and dreams - and cried.

Some days are just not good days 



  1. :( I am sorry that your garden has things in it that hurt you. I hope that the mosquito bites and the allergic reaction pass quickly. I don't know what to say about the other one. :(

  2. did some research...

    in there is mentioned a gadget that you can buy, it heats up a pad saturated with a chemical and creates a 15 x 15 foot 'bubble' of protection - - and apparently there are larger versions for use at home. I wonder if this is worth checking out?

    If it makes the difference then i would think it would be worth it for you...


  3. First I am sorry you were/are in so much pain, may it get better fast!!!

    Second, I am sorry you don't like that joke I make, I didn't know you were suffering, I would do it again promise you.

    Third, you could have/should have those BBQ parties you spoke of, there is still time this year to invite your friends over to have them...

    Now, I am going to go and cut the grass everyone likes so much, personally I would just concrete ( with green dye ) the grass...


  4. Well I just re-read my " Second " and it SHOULD HAVE said "... I WON'T do it again NOT " would "...

    Sorry for the goof.. I do that from time to time....



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