Saturday, August 01, 2015

Dance like Nobody's Watching

Last evening a group of us went to Market Square to "Rock the Square" .  Kingston had organised a free rock concert with Miss Emily as the opening act ........ and Big Sugar as the main event.

I had not heard of either of them.   I was assured if I liked reggae music with a mix of blues thrown in for good measure I would like Big Sugar.  No one else seemed to know this "Miss Emily"

I figured this new me - venturing out to all sorts of new things - would probably enjoy an introduction to some new "hip" bands ....... so I agreed.

We met up with more friends downtown and went to dinner (my dinner was a big disappointment - I didn't think anyone could ruin  Chicken Tikka Marsala - but they did) The restaurant was packed - everyone had the same bright idea - dinner before the show.  But thanks to some quick thinking on our server's part - we wolfed down dinner and made it to the square with minutes to spare!!

We had had a gorgeous day - sunny and warm - no humidity and the evening looked really promising............ 


the black clouds started to roll in..........

But a few showers didn't dampen our enthusiasm for this Miss Emily - she was amazing!!  I loved her style and she soon had everyone clapping and singing along and grooving to the music.

 Some members of the Tragically Hip joined Miss Emily on stage for her final numbers

There was a brief break after she finished while they set up for Big Sugar - and the black clouds threatened ... the storm circled the downtown but never actually made it to us........We watched as Mother Nature put on quite a light show all around us - huge lightening bolts lighting up the night sky but it did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for the show. 

Unfortunately the one thing I hadn't planned on - was the crowd rushing the stage when Big Sugar came out and that greatly hampered my getting any decent pictures..... but here are a few of the ones I did manage to snap.............



 After an hour and a half of beating out the tunes - the show came to a close ........ 

What an experience!!  I'll even admit to a wee bit of "dancing like nobody was watching"


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