Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Before the sun rises

This was another one of those "up before the sun rises" days....... 
It would seem I am having a lot of those these days - or barely sleeping at all... It is all very exhausting.

But I do seem to do my best thinking/planning in the early morning darkness....

This morning's topic of thought was - how people seem to be worried about my retiring - how they seem to think I will be bored - or get depressed - or some such thing.  

I was talking to W in the car about it on Sunday (coming home from the House Warming Party) ....... People told me when my last daughter left home that I would suffer from the empty nest syndrome.  They kept saying "EVERYONE suffers from it - in one degree or another".  They were wrong.  I had planned for and lived for that day almost from the day the babies were born.  I figured if I had done a good job as a MOM then they would leave the nest and be independent - that was my main goal - to raise independent women!!  So no I didn't suffer at all - in any form - from empty nest syndrome - I celebrated this new chapter in all our lives.

Well it's a bit like that with retirement.  I have worked for over 20 years - giving everything I have to the job........ and I do mean EVERYTHING!!  My goal is/ was to do the best damn job I could do.  My goal was to work till I dropped - or retired - which ever came first (I think they might collide and actually happen together - the dropping and the retiring - but I digress) 

I have no qualms about this decision to retire.  I am so ready to embrace it and all it entails.  I do have plans - loosely sketched plans of what I will do.......... I am rather excited about the thought of days and weeks stretching ahead of me - with no plans - no schedules - only hours to fill.  Do you know how many books I have to read or want to read??? Do you have any idea how many courses I would like to take to satisfy a need in me - not some need for filling my head with information to do my job - but for filling my head with new skills and new thrills and new adventures?  Do you know how many recipes I want to try out - how many gardens / flowers I want to plant ??

I am NOT a teacher !  I am NOT a mother!  I am NOT a submissive!  I am NOT an old woman !  I am a little bit of each......... and I will celebrate the wholeness of me.  

Retirement will NOT be an ending - but rather an exciting new beginning ........ an adventure .......... a new Journey to take.............. 


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  1. A. Lurker12:10 pm

    Hi Morningstar,
    I lurk here occaisionally and as I was catching up this post caught my eye.

    My husband (who I believe is exactly the same age as W, to the day.) retired about a year ago. With him home, things are getting caught up around here and we are able to do more traveling. The pace is slower and we enjoy it more.

    Retirement is like a beginning, not an ending or so it seems to me. Hope you guys enjoy a long, happy retirement together.



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