Monday, May 06, 2013

The "Lasts"

This weekend W was down (YAY!)

I had planned to have baby daughter's birthday celebration on Saturday and W and I had a house warming to go to on Sunday.  

I said something to the effect to baby daughter that maybe we should have had the celebration at her sister's .............. baby daughter put her foot down - no way no how!!  THIS was the last celebration to be held in my lil home and she wouldn't have it any differently.    So we gathered for cake and coffee and the traditional birthday presents for the last time in my lil home.  Then eldest grandson asked if we could go play on the "rocks" for the last time.

It made me smile.  For the boys the "rocks" are were full of adventure and climbing and wild beasts and monsters.  So we all headed down the path way to the green space just at the end of the path.  The boys ran ahead climbing the "mountains" and laughing and screeching,,,,,,,,,,, I stood and watched and thought I will have to find new adventures in Kingston for them ............ another secret place of imaginary foes and battles,

 On Sunday W and I had a lazy morning with some wickedness thrown in for good measure (my own last adventure in my lil home) and then off to the house warming with old friends.  Supper out and then home for a last evening alone.

Today W leaves to return to Kingston - I get back to sorting and organising and steeling myself for the big move................ 

It was a good weekend of "lasts"  

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