Monday, May 20, 2013

Moving Week

Well miss ashes is safely ensconced in Kingston with all her toys and blankets and food and food bowls and water bowls.  And has staked out her hidey hole and has practiced her "indignant" walk/look.  W and I had a wonderful last quiet weekend together.  We went to a rope workshop and a munch and even squeezed in some light gardening. 

I love the tree in the front yard................

 I dug out some weeds in the strange lil front garden..............

And then I got on the 2 o'clock train and came back to the mess that is now my empty shell of a home. I was kinda excited about camping out in my living room - between the boxes and mess.  My plan was to be up at the crack of dawn and get cracking on packing up the stuff I will take to eldest daughter's house for the next 6 weeks............ get the laundry done ........... sort out the last bits and pieces - and then lock the door and move myself off to peace and quiet at daughter's.

However - when I got home safe and sound - the mess surrounded me.  I stumbled around moving bits and pieces ............. then pulled out the bedding - made up the sofa into a bed............ pulled on my pj's and snuggled down really expecting to snuggle down and sleep.  Two hours after I closed my eyes - they popped open.  The sofa felt uncomfortable and lumpy - the wind and rain howled outside the picture windows bringing out the childhood fears of bogey men knocking on my window.

It was a long night 

Now I face a day of last minute sorting.......... washing laundry....I have to unplug the tvs ...and disconnect the computers.... and try and remember IF I have dotted all my "i's" and crossed all my "ts"

I am truly watching a tsunami crashing towards me - I just hope the life vest keeps my head above water.  

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  1. Ordalie12:53 pm

    Beautiful tree indeed! Wouldn't it be a plum tree?


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