Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday W drove down.  

Tonight we are going to my Board retirement party.  (I am certainly hoping it won't be a Bored party - cheeky grin) But - yeah - the event that is gonna start a whirlwind of events in my life is tonight.  

I have my outfit picked out and am excited - who knew I would be excited to go to my very own retirement party -- certainly not me.   In fact originally I said I wouldn't go at all............ yet here I am preparing to go.  

Tomorrow I am not going to work - W and I are packing up lil miss ashes and moving her - lock stock and barrel - up to our new home in Kingston.  I will have a "quiet" weekend (if you can call a weekend that has a rope class AND a munch scheduled - quiet)  with them and then head home by train on Sunday.

Monday I am gonna clean up this house a wee bit - pack up everything I need till the end of June and move myself to my daughter's.  

Next Thursday the movers come and pack up my house and move it up to Kingston,

And the Friday after that I sign the deed of sale at the notary's and this part of my life will be almost over.  At that point I will have just 4 weeks till I lock my office door for the last time.


Tonight is the start - tonight is my official retirement party !!

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