Monday, May 27, 2013

The Moving Saga continues

My movers arrived on time on Friday and got the house packed up in record time.  So early in fact I was able to change my train ticket for one 4 hours earlier.  YAY!!  That gave W and I time to drop in on a munch Friday night - before heading home to bed (well bed for me)

Saturday morning right on schedule the movers arrived and unloaded the truck - set up the big furniture and were gone before lunch !!  That left the rest of Saturday and half of Sunday for me to unpack and set up the kitchen - AND - get most of the dining room organised.  Now if you could just find the dining room under all the empty boxes and bags of discarded wrapping paper.. le sigh

All that's left to unpack are the clothing wardrobes - god only knows where I am gonna find room to put my clothes (the cupboards are pathetic!!  You only notice how pathetic when you start trying to hang up clothes!!)  

W was an absolute doll (yeah yeah as a Sir he can still be a doll) helping me cope with the burning need to have everything done yesterday !!  He even started hanging pictures and curtains to make it feel more like home.

I got on the 2 o'clock train and headed back here to put in another BUSY week - cleaning up the townhouse (and throwing out the last of the junk ) and finally on Friday the signing of the papers.  I am a bit nervous something is gonna happen between now and my signature - but I am battling those demons.

5 more weeks - 25 more school days - and I get in the car for my last trip down the 401 (well last trip except for visits back here to see the kids!!)

Soon this moving saga will be done - and W and i can settle into "happily ever after" 


  1. ALL those empty packing boxes and paper have been returned to the Movers, they didn't even bat an eyelash when I showed up with 2 loads, heck I even got a company label pin for My collection!!!

  2. wow Sir - it just goes to show there are good movers out there!! And Campbells is #1 in my books !!

  3. One more hurdle cleared.



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