Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I spent yesterday at the lil townhouse supervising  the GOT JUNK team emptying the last of the clutter / junk.  Who knew something as easy as watching someone else work could be so exhausting.  Mind you - the franchise I got was a whole lot less than professional - in fact they were completely irritating to be honest.  (Head office has heard from me - and responded)

But then it has been an exhausting 5 days or so.  

I have one more major event on the "Moving Agenda" -  Friday signing the final papers. Last night just the thought of having to find my way to the notary's office (here only the buyer gets a notary - and they get to select him/her) had me shaking in my boots.  It just seemed all too much.  Guess who came riding in to rescue me??  W of course!!  He is gonna drive down, pick me up and take me!  I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Through all of this stress of moving I kept thinking come June I can coast till retirement.  I miscalculated a wee bit.  I don't get the cheque for the sale until June 5th - sooooooooo from June 5th to retirement I can coast........ it's all downhill from there!!  

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