Monday, July 30, 2007


Sir wrote briefly about our Anniversary yesterday on His blog....... mainly He posted pictures (which He prefers to actually writing - cheeky grin - but then they do say "a picture is worth a thousand words" right??)

But i wanted to talk a little bit about the gifts Sir gave me...... and i mean besides the gardening book which will give me new ideas to brighten up the small gardens i have and the DVD of Bryan Adams which will encourage me to get back on the treadmill !!!

It was our anniversary - our 6th anniversary - and somehow the day needed to be special - out of the ordinary - not a run of the mill day .. right?? Oh Sir could have hung me from the chains and used each toy 6 times........ but in all honesty - 6 times for each toy would only have been a tease - i am a pain slut and god how i must tire Sir out!!!

Sir was methodical when the 'events' started. First He brought out one of the Oriental knives Cloud gave Him and laid it on the table beside me....... giving me loads of time to 'imagine' what was coming. Then He slowly lifted my tshirt and exposed my breasts. Then He stood - for what felt like minutes but which was probably only seconds - with knife in hand - tip of the blade resting against my breast - before He started carving. i knew right away what was being carved - i am no dummy!!! a big number 6. i held my breath, i moaned, i whined and yeah i blinked back tears. Trust me having anything carved into one's skin HURTS!
After the first "6" He moved to the opposite breast and repeated.

Then i was left to gasp and recover. Then He did it again. And again i gasped and moaned and blinked back tears. SIX times over the course of the day Sir carved that number into my breasts. i did wiggle and squiggle - despite my best heroic efforts to hold still. (which is why there are several lines forming the "6")

All day long and all night long those 6's burned my breasts... All day long and all night long i remembered the 6 years we have been together. i have a feeling it will be several days - perhaps weeks of 6's emblazoned on my breasts reminding me of the 6 years.. which is just so much better than 6 strikes of each toy which would have sent me off to fairy land .. but by today i wouldn't have any souvenirs to speak of........ oh yeah.. Sir got the gift right.. very right!! marks to touch and fondle and remember..........

i love You Sir !! and our up and down six years !!!


  1. Anonymous11:35 am

    We all know what I think about tit carving. :)

    It's beautiful of course!

    So was that six times over the same spot?? Ouch!


  2. I winced .... a little.

  3. Well I think you two enjoyed the aniversary

  4. Anonymous7:11 pm

    as up the rear......a day late.....happy anniversary to you both! All the gifts given and gotten are beautiful!


  5. Anonymous3:28 pm

    This is such a sweet post to read, even if I can easily imagine the struggles you went through while the events happened... We are having our 5 t=years knowing each other in those first days of August, but saddly no anniversary... He is really not of those who think about such things... I do... ;-(


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