Thursday, July 19, 2007

A journey back in time

Last evening Sir and i attended Le Festin du Gouveneur...... at the Old Fort. It was (in most ways) like taking a step back in time.

The thick fort walls wrapped around us as we negotiated our way to our table - a mess hall wooden table complete with wooden benches. As we ate... our history unfolded in front of us....... a history rich with characters - the Governers.. the Mayors.. the fur trappers.. the brides brought out to marry the men of the fort.

It was a lively evening of jokes - some politically motivated.. some language motivated.. some just in good fun (like the Judge's reaction to my Sir's bald head) ...

It was 2 1/2 hours of lively entertainment and laughter and fun.

After dinner we left the noisy tourists behind and wandered into the main fort. There was a group of animators dressed in period costume with a group of children (from some day camp or other). There were the old canvas military style tents set up at the far end of the parade ground.. the children were experiencing military life from the 1600's - they will be spending 2 days and a night at the fort..... living history!

Under another canopy some of the fort entourage were "jamming" on their guitars and flutes.. oblivious to our arrival....... the music was haunting...... celtic i believe.... and it rafted up towards the heavens.. serenading us from a time long ago.

i walked away from our group and stood looking over the walls to the sea of cars below.. to the amusement grounds off to the right..... to the bridge that rose over our heads.. i looked straight up into the trees that formed Mother Nature's own canopy and closed my eyes.. the music wafted through my consciousness ... i shut out the noise of the chatter.. i shut out the world of 2007 ...... and lost myself in a daydream.. of living in this time and place...

i have always had a strong pull to this life.. of stone walls.. and pots hanging over open fires.. of long heavy dresses .. and longer days. i have always (since i was very young) daydreamed of 'pioneer days'. i have never romanticized it...... it was a hard life...... but a quiet life.. and a life with clear objectives. A very simple life of survival.

And then i daydreamed of being bound to a tree... having my dress hoisted up and fastened.. of hearing the whip crack in the night air and feeling it cut across my ass.. feeling the wood of the tree strong and supportive.. caressing me........ of Sir whipping me till only the tree supported me...... and then....... being taken down and cradled in Sir's arms by some warm fire.. wrapped up in a heavy scratchy wool blanket. The world having melted away.

i had wonderful dreams last night when finally i was returned safe and sound to 2007 and my doorway....... dreams that feed my imagination and my need........


  1. Nice thoughts littleone,,,,

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Pretty danged cool! Wish we had been there.

  3. Fun to stand back in time as we remember it


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