Saturday, July 28, 2007

"It's a small world after all "

Sir says i have way too much time on my hands.. maybe He is right...... but then for 10 1/2 months of the year i have way tooooo much on my plate to have any time to myself.. so??? maybe a little too much time is an ok thing for me .. dontcha agree??

Anyway.. this whole topic came up over some stupid thing i was talking about.. but .... this week i was putzing around on the net.. doing one of my infamous click this link . .go there.. click another link and get totally lost wandering.... on one of the sites there was this neat map... a map that indicates where the folks are from that read the page........ and immediately i went .. "i want THAT"....

So i went through the registration process (they really should have one registration form for all the silly add ons for blogs and web sites etc and a button to hit that says "refer to" to save time) Anyway........ i got registered and downloaded the html code.. and uploaded said html code to The Journey.......... and sat back and waited..

(oh yeah .. you can see this infamous map on the right hand side of the screen )

Day one there was nothing.. i gather it has to be up for at least a full 24 hours for any hits to be registered..

Day two the red dots on the map started to appear........

Today Day three i am checking out the red dots..... (if you click on the map it enlarges) and i see dots all over the place...... including off the shore of Australia.. wait a sec....... in the ocean??? Steve...... way over there in Aussie land........ if you read this.. can you explain why someone is sitting in the middle of the ocean reading my blog?? or is there some wee small island there...........

Another thing i noticed is that other than Quebec i have absolutely NO hits from what is that about?? i happen to know for a fact that i have at least one visitor from Friendly Manitoba.........

Now does this mean that this map thingy doesn't work like they vowed it would??
i refuse to believe that.. i am gonna go on enjoying watching the little red dots appear on the map.. and seeing the far flung places some of you visit from........

It really really is a small world isn't it??


  1. Sometimes I read you on my RSS feed rather than directly visit your site. I believe yesterday was one of those times.

  2. Waving from the red dot that is Cincinnati, OH. Smile!

  3. side of Australia wasn't marked with a dot either- waaay over west, but not in the ocean!

    I love looking at where people who read my site come from. While I'm wondering why someone from Mongolia would read my site, I'm left with the feeling that it is indeed a small world (^v^)


  4. Well i know you have a reader NOT in Manitoba.. but Ontario. Near Detroit but still in Ontario.


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