Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th....... superstitious old thing isn't it?? Friday the 13th is just another day right??


My computer wouldn't work...... well it worked but i couldn't connect to the net..... i called the wonderful .. brilliant.. tech team associated with my ISP and of course got to speak with a very nice gentleman in India (dontcha just love outsourcing) whose accent was so thick i couldn't decipher ethernet cable from good day madame!!! we talked in code .. yellow cable versus blue cable .. just so i could follow him and he could follow me... he said.. problem - yellow cable.. i will send you a new one...

Fine i will shop.. i will bank.. i landed up at City Hall trying to find out what happened to my cheque to cover my taxes.. i landed up shopping at a HUGE grocery store that sets my teeth on edge.. i landed up coming out of said grocery store having spent wayyyyyy more than i planned.. to rain.. not a soft gentle summer rain....... nope.. a pouring down drench to the skin kind of rain......

Home safe...... and ..........Then........
we had a thunder storm to remember.. lightening flashing.. thundering booming noisy wanna hide under the bed thunder storm...

Finally Sir arrived..... and brought the sunshine with Him.. but he arrived to no power.. no phones.. no nothing except a shivering subbie curled up in the corner swearing she wasn't coming out till after Friday the 13th..

i had clung to the thought that it was my pc that wasn't working.. i could use Sir's lap top.. maybe even He would leave the lap top and take the pc and get everything fixed for me.. work magic.........

Problem was/is.. it wasn't my pc.. it was the yellow cable.. called eldest daughter - who is a computer geek.. and works for the same ISP that i fought with all morning .. she lectured me.. "call me first mom!!' but brought a new yellow cable.. it didn't work either.. now everyone is convinced it is a) the line to the house (which for those of you who are interested was just worked on not a month ago.. and for which i have a "dedicated" line that ONLY the modem plugs into) or b) the modem...

Sir called the tech guys in India.. Sir was very patient.. a bit short with them from time to time.. and i had to sit at his feet and play with myself.... while he worked out the mess.. plug this end in ....unplug try reversing the cable ends.. no?? ok try this.. try that..
all the while the toy is vibrating and i am wiggling.. and finally despite my tension over thunder storms and soaking wet rain storms and modems/yellow cables that don't work.. i am soooooooo close to cumming.. i look at Sir with my very best pleading look...... i whisper so tech gentleman in India won't hear.. "may i cum please Sir"

He looks at me like i have lost my marbles.... he says .. "CUM???!!! you do NOT cum until I am happy and right now i am NOT happy".... i stop playing .. He gives me the eye and the hand signal to continue.. the vibrator continues to vibrate and tickle my soft spot inside.. i sit and wiggle and moan softly and keep my eyes glued to Sir's face.. hoping against hope.. maybe..???

Finally the blue cable is plugged in.. new software uploaded and running.. FINALLY i have internet access......... problem.. the wireless router does not work.. Sir does not have internet access .. is Sir happy?? no bloody way.......... is subbie allowed to cum?? no bloody way...............

BUT for now i do have internet access... with the blue cable.. new modem with new yellow cable coming........ it should work.................. unless of course it is the ethernet card IN the computer not the yellow cable.. then no one is happy again...........

Friday the 13th........ ughhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. did you call me sunshine????? LOl well I hope I brightened up you day a little any way

  2. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I had that same kind of connection problem... but 48 hrs later... Blame it on the 7th month... ;-))

  3. I feel your unresolved pain.

  4. Friday the 13th didn't register on me even though Kat's computer totally and completely quit on her.


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