Monday, July 16, 2007

what can i say?

ughhh what can i say about this weekend?? busy .. frustrating .... aggravating.... and fun..

First of all my internet connection has plagued us with frequent malfunctions and long (and i do mean longgggggggg sessions on the phone with tech support) After being told it was my Ethernet cable.. my computer.. (my own stupidity??) we discovered that the modem was shot !!! So there is a new on order.. god only knows when it will arrive.. for the time being i am using my usb port and everything seems to be limping along..........

Saturday's party was fun! We got to reconnect with friends enjoy some good discussions.. lots of laughter.. and some fun play sessions.

Sunday Sir and i worked on the trains... and Sir built me a nice frame to start constructing the mountain/tunnel. It was really a good slap upside the head for me... i can DO this ...

So this morning...... after Sir left .. i got started..
i had checked on all sorts of internet sites on how to build a mountain/tunnel.. and they recommended chicken wire as a form........ can i say OUCH!!! who knew one should wear heavy duty gloves when working with pokey pricky wire??!! But finally i had the wire up and sort of fashioned the way i thought a mountain should look and so i went to work plastering......

Now i won't be changing my day job from teacher to plasterer but it was a start.......

sometime this week i hope to get back to the foundation work......... i also want to make some more rocks/boulders .... and master the colouring of them........ who knew mimicking Mother Nature could be so damn difficult??!!!

After working today ... Sir dropped by to nudge my internet access one more time.. and take me out to dinner.. (god you gotta love the man !! He always knows when i really truly need him to lean on!!)

Ohhhhhhh.. getting back to the train layout for one more minute........ Sir and i have been adding little features that have special meaning for us.. or add a touch of humour.... Tonight Sir brought me a small present........ a geisha......... i had seen one in a catalogue and wanted it soooooo badly ... now anyone who knows me.. or has read here long enough.. knows of my love of anything / everything oriental......... and i wanted the geisha to walk down Main Street.............

The geisha hopefully will remind me - when Sir isn't here - to breath and take it one step at a time... nothing can be so bad that it can't be fixed!!


  1. I don't know whether to comment on the tunnel under construction or the sparkler.

  2. either or Buffalo.. (cheeky grin)

    though i dare say the sparkler made you go ewwwwwwwwww.. and cross your legs.. LOL..

    BUT wasn't the photography fantastic???!!!

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. I love sparklers ....


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