Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A task

When i arrived home yesterday there was an email from Sir with a task - "you are to masturbate with your favourite toy and send Me a pic ". This was the first time Sir has ever assigned a task like that ...... and i found it exciting. There was no time limit set, so i decided to play with the task in my head. i do that sometimes... imagine all sorts of scenarios. It seems to heighten my enjoyment. The main thing i was pondering was how to take the picture while i was masturbating.

Now i know if Sir were here, He would have instructed me on time delayed pictures, using the tripod etc. But i was left to my own devices. i approached the whole idea / challenge as though it was a project for work. i positioned a teddy of mine about where the toy would be.. got pillows and placed them so many inches away.. placed the camera on the pillows and then realized i wouldn't be able to reach the buttons on the camera !!!! Back to the drawing board!!

When i finally decided i had teased myself quite sufficiently with the planning, i threw teddy on the floor, grabbed the camera and the favourite toy and just started playing with one hand and shooting with the other...... rather hit and miss. i never realized how heavy a camera can be when one is holding it with one hand BUT concentrating on vibrating toys !!! i was much more interested in the pictures than the masturbating.... when i thought i had enough pics i just dropped the vibrator on the bed beside me and switched the camera to view and scrolled through them. To my amazement the first picture was really the only one that turned out. And imagine my shock and surprise to see what a hairy beast i am!! Two weeks of no shaving and this is the result (shudder). i certainly hope a hot wax session is not on the books for this weekend - at least NOT before Sir shaves me!!!

As i type this lil blog rambling on and on.. i wonder what point i am trying to make. i do like there to be some sort of rhyme and reason to my blogs........ and i believe this task Sir gave me, and the recounting of it here, is really a way to keep me firmly grounded in what is important in my life this year. It is not THE JOB, but my life with Sir.. my journey with Sir.
And the realization that "tasks" can be fun !!!!!!! as well as.. ummm.. stimulating!!!


  1. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Ha.. I am right there with you on the difficulties of taking pictures while playing. I'll be glad when Master is home if only to take over the damn camera! And.. ouch on the hot wax and pubes, I just did that the other day. Mannnnn.. that hurts. I hope your Sir keeps up with these tasks and pictures! I don't feel so alone!

  2. kaya.. i would venture a guess your blog and your "tasks" are what may have prompted my Sir's task yesterday :) :)

  3. kaya....

    I have looked at your Master's pictures and it has given Me some lovely ideas, like the 55 clothes pins, littleone has only worked up to 17 on her pussy... I REALLY must work on that and more waxing too...

    As for pictures don't worry I LOVE taking pictures of littleone


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