Wednesday, August 10, 2005

on needling

Almost a year ago Sir and i attended a party where a Dominant was doing some needle play on His submissive. Sir was intriqued and asked the Dominant if He would do some mild needle play on me.
i was told to close my eyes and keep my hands on my lap. There really are no words to describe the feelings i experienced. i opened my eyes quickly as i wished to know what was causing these amazing feelings. i was shocked to see 3 or 4 needles protruding from my breast. i begged the Dominant to show / teach my Sir how to do this. i knew right then and there that this was something i wanted to experience much more of !! My Sir was a good sport and quickly overcame His dislike of needles to give me the pleasure i sought.

It is now almost a year later and both Sir and i have learned that this form of play is most definitely a "your kink my kink" sort of play. There are a large number of people who are truly squeamish when it comes to needle play. Therefore we tend to keep this play private - at home only. When i would come home on a Friday exhausted and beaten down by the big bad world.. Sir would have me lie on my tummy while He placed needles in my ass. i would drift happily away and be totally refreshed and envigorated afterwards.

Now though i find i would love to take this one step further. Needle play has always been .. well .. almost medicinal for me in the past. Sir would insert needles until i was nicely floating and then stop. Ohhhhhhh He does from time to time include some knife play with the needles but always just what i could take - never wishing to push my limits. i find i have been fantasizing about being tied down and having Sir spend hours creating pretty patterns with the needles up and down my body - a bit like the picture above.

Pushing my limits........ i realize as i write that phrase that i am ready to have my limits pushed even further in all aspects of BDSM. More pain, higher sub space. More endophins. It really is addictive, and i adore it !!!


  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    slave wife blog is fake, I wouldnt waste your time with it.

  2. anonymous??

    thank you for your comments / advise. my initial reaction to your comment was "duhhhh ya think?"

    takes all kinds i guess.. though it does annoy me that people play around with something i hold dear.. shrug.. c'est la vie

  3. Anonymous5:42 pm

    *hugs* :)

  4. Anonymous3:53 pm

    i hope he pushes your limits and helps you to soar.

  5. So when do you attach the electrodes? Designs will be very interesting to see I look forward to the pics


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