Monday, August 29, 2005

a funny thing happened on the way to........

The title of that movie has been going round and round in my head today.. cause a funny thing did happen yesterday on the way to Lennoxville.. well actually when we got home...... i had been a bit sulky and pouty..... as i said to Sir at one point.. " i never lied to Him.. i HATE travelling long distances in the car!!" i get restless... i get bored.. i get stiff and cranky. After we got home and after Sir punished me for my bad behaviour..(for pictures and more information on this subject please check out Sir's site found in my "links") i realized.. (yeah the penny dropped!!) that my place was at Sir's side.. or anywhere else He wished me to be... and if He wished me sitting in a car for a total of 5 hours then that is where i would be....... after all that is what my job is right????

i have been trying to explain to Sir and probably to myself.. that this whole relationship was beginning to feel a whole lot like vanilla....... and that disturbed me. AND then i realized i was making it vanilla.. D/s is NOT only about spankings.. or running around nude.. or being tied up or tied down.. it is also about doing the vanilla things.. the simple things that Sir desires......... DUH!!! BUT also i have to add...... it helped that Sir had been very generous with some rather nice hand spankings (yummy!!) and a wonderful session during the weekend.... so it wasn't ALL vanilla.

Then after this epiphany of mine i was feeling very mellow in many ways........ Sir had suggested that we might run over to Cloud's to drop off some pictures.. i teased Sir .. mainly cause i know His body language by now...... and could see His energy slowly sliding away...... BUT Sir decided - when Cloud was otherwise occupied for the evening - that i would bring up the wooden paddle with holes and He would give my ass a little going over............ i can't explain what happened.. just can't explain it.. not even to myself........ but it felt so cosy to be propped up on cushions .. ass in the air........ at Sir's feet. While Sir sat comfy on the sofa and swung the paddle over and over against my bum. At one point i turned my head and asked Sir if He was ok...... deep down i was really hoping everything was fine..... i was thoroughly and completely enjoying the pain........ i am trying to decide if i went to sub space that quickly.. it sure felt like sub space......... i didn't want to move.. i didn't want the paddling to stop....... i didn't even try and wiggle away too much or too hard or too often. It was well sorta like the stars were aligned correctly and everything was just flowing nicely. Sir answered He was feeling fine and could go on all night long......... i whispered .. "for an hour Sir.. ok?? please for an hour". Now i can't figure out for the life of me where this "hour" came from?? why an hour?? why not all night?? why not 30 minutes?? or two hours?? why one hour?? BUT for some reason it became important to me to take the paddle for one hour....... i remember at one point when Sir stopped to let me catch my breath my asking Him how long it had been and He answered " almost an hour" and then resumed hard and fast and i started to cry.. cause that is what Sir does (sometimes) when He wants me to cry "Uncle" and stop the session........ i didn't want to stop it.. it was so important to me to go for one hour......... Isn't that weird??? Anyway Sir seemed to understand my distress and my burning need to last one hour...... so He slowed things down a wee bit.. (no He didn't lighten up on the strokes.. but He did slow em down considerably)........ i lasted the hour........ one whole hour of being paddled .........

Today my ass still has 2 very nice pale red patches.... it still tingles when i sit down hard on wooden chairs.. and what a glorious feeling it is!!! A couple of times during the day i massaged the area just to feel the burn and the tingle....... reminding myself that there is life outside of work....... a wonderful life with a wonderful Sir !!!!

AND despite Sir's concern about my being able to focus today.. i focused just fine.. in fact i would even venture a guess i focused much better on the job .. and was a whole lot less stressed..... a quick massage was all it took :) :)


  1. was that not better than a coffee with me

  2. Cloud i have to honestly say..
    ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh much better than coffee with You.......

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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