Monday, August 08, 2005

a different loving.....

We are home from our travels and adventures....... Despite the horrific heat (40 degrees with the humidex factored in.. which for my American friends is about 104 degrees) .... despite my forgetting to pack the poles for the canopy, the pillows for the beds, the swimsuits (and we were 2 minutes walk from a glorious beach!!), despite forgetting to check the equipment and bringing the air mattress with the HOLE !!! We had a great time! This was our very first holiday/trip away just the two of U/us. And it renewed my belief that D/s helps make a relationship work really well. Sir made all the final decisions.. with input from me of course.. but there was no hassling about who wanted to do what when or how....... Sir decided and i gladly followed along. D/s really does eliminate a lot of stress..

Sir made sure i was thoroughly spoiled.. taking me to old country shops... stopping so i could take pictures of misty rainy mornings...... and of course making sure i got to visit the Teddy Bear Factory and make my teddy bear........ (and no i didn't make a fairy one )

We even managed to go to a Vermont munch and had a lovely meal and excellent conversation with some Vermont Kinksters.
Saturday we headed to New York and visited with some vanilla friends who have summer homes on Lake Champlain before heading home.

Sunday.......... well it was a busy day for me.. from unpacking and washing and finally making a proper check list that includes poles... swimsuits.. pillows and everything i managed to forget to a nice little play session in the air conditioning !!! (it had just been wayyyyyy too hot for anything more than vanilla coping strategies at camp!) Then in the evening Sir decided that while we watched tv that He wanted to keep the nice rosy red ass going so i was sent downstairs to bring up the crop ......... and while i tried to watch tv Sir had good fun swatting my ass so that when i finally fell into bed it was nice and warm and glowing...........

These last 4 days have been a different side to our relationship.. honestly i thought we had explored all the different sides..... but we hadn't !!! This trip was vanilla for a lot of reasons.. mainly the heat! but not once did the D/s disappear...... and i felt (though it is difficult to explain in words) a deepening love and respect through the D/s. i am feeling very spoiled and very loved and very very contented !!!
In my mind ......... a different loving.........

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  1. sweet the both of you ah well teddy bears, forgotten bathing suits polls and the rest I think you both had fun and that is what is of importance.


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