Tuesday, August 09, 2005

on discipline and punishment

i read a blog this morning that discussed discipline and punishment... and i am confused. Maybe the confusion stems from my lack of coffee..... or maybe it stems from a lack of definition....... so i went to my trusty lil dictionary and looked up the two words.....

discipline is: 1) train to be obedient or self controlled 2) punish or rebuke formally for an offense
punishment is: the penalty imposed for an offense

So really they are both the same thing..... but discipline does mean training.. and i DO know about training as my Sir took me on as "trainee" for several months before collaring me.... BUT how do the two differ?? Both are used as a way of controlling / correcting a submissive. i am curious to know how this submissive sees a clear difference between the two. If i close my eyes and just let the two words roll around in my head ....... discipline is something more formal - a guide perhaps... and punishment is quick and harsh and kinda in your face correction for bad behaviours.......

But no matter how hard i try .. i can not see a clear line separating the two....

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  1. Anonymous3:56 pm

    To me, the two are completely different. Punishment is something undesirable inflicted upon you for doing something wrong - definitely a bad thing. Discipline is a positive thing - training, learning, etc - all aimed at making you better in some way. They are totally different.


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