Monday, August 22, 2005

The Last Hurrah!

We are home from camp......... and my mind is still whirling from it all... what a weekend !!! First of all .. poor Sir!!! It really did take every single ounce of organisational skills He had to pack camping equipment for 4 people into the car!! The whole packing and unpacking showed me just how much patience my Sir has !!!

Mother Nature more or less co-operated. It was sunny with some cloudy periods and hot hot hot!! There was one squall with flooding rains Saturday evening... thankfully the camp had a wonderful "community center" for us to congregate in till the storm passed.

The weekend was full of demos, discussions, meeting with friends, good food, much laughter and lots and lots of play !!! i received the most wonderful souvenir of the weekend.. bruises on my ass! Now that was a big surprise as Sir hasn't had much success in recent months in bruising me. And to be honest i am still sitting gingerly in my chair. (BIG cheeky grin)...

Sir created a fantasy for me at camp. On Saturday afternoon - after we learned that the demo "Caning and Wax play" that we had signed up for was cancelled - Sir took me back to our camp site and staked me out for a nap. Blindfolds are an amazing invention... being blindfolded allowed me to sink into myself and ignore the world around me. The sun never felt so deliciously warm as it did when i couldn't see it........ noises became very loud and direction was distorted.... and bugs walking across my body became a hard limit!! Normally little creepy crawlies don't bother me, but blindfold me and tie me so that i can't slap them off and you get one squeamish subbie!

My Sir is quite a photographer and i have a wonderful picture album filled with memories from camp. i do believe though that my favourite shot is this one Sir took Friday evening as we sat in front of our fire looking at the full moon.

Many of the pictures Sir took i cannot publish here on my blog. But the one below is another favourite of mine. One of the chaps at camp put on his pony gear and gave rides to anyone interested in taking a turn around the camp. He was truthfully a sight to behold - especially for this subbie who has only seen pictures on the net of pony boys/girls. This pony boy was graceful and artful and had a wonderful sense of humour........ he was a joy to watch !!!

Sunday morning came all too quickly and we loaded up the car and headed home.. my last HURRAH of the summer over....... and work calling me back


  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm so glad you got to have a happy last hurrah before the end of summer.

    *hugs you*

  2. sounds like a lovely time :o)

  3. Anonymous10:44 am

    This is very informative. I hope to see more in the near future


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