Wednesday, August 03, 2005

off into the wild blue yonder..

Tomorrow W/we are off into the wild blue yonder... wellllllllll Vermont. Sir is taking me camping!!! Talk about a spoiled subbie....... Sir isn't particularily fond of camping.. and hates the heat.. and from the looks of things it is gonna be a HOT camping trip!!! i am wondering if that will make for a cranky Sir????

W/we are gonna do some shopping and some exploring..and maybe even drop in on a friend who has a trailer parked somewhere on Lake Champlain... AND i get to go to a Teddy Bear factory..... i wonder if they make fairy teddy bears?? i would like a fairy teddy bear i think.

And W/we are going to get to go to a Vermont munch on Friday night..... W/we went once before .. but truthfully i hated the long drive home late at night.... this time W/we only have to find O/our way back to the camp grounds..... YIPEEEEE!!!

Sir told me tonite to pack a paddle .. my cuffs.. and two vibrators....... now it is a vanilla camp site W/we are going to .. so i am thinking perhaps a nice BIG gag might be in order as well.... reminds me of a time long ago.. when i had some friends who were great campers .. they had a Winibago and a sign they would hang on the door .. "if the trailer is rocking don't bother knocking".... nice thing about tents they don't rock.......... but i do think a nice gag might be in order...

off into the wild blue yonder......................

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