Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Check list for camp.......
1) roll of duct tape
2) shoe horn

i am afraid we are gonna need the shoe horn to squeeze everything into the car and duct tape to close the doors and keep them closed...... Good lord there is a lot of gear for 3 days of camping !!!!

The most fun i had was gathering the toys from the list Sir gave me for camp.....
1) one whip
2) Helmuts hell toy
3) two leather tawses
4) one purple plastic flogger
and a partridge in a pear tree???
With each toy carefully placed in the bag i could feel my pulse quickening..
5) one gag
6) one blindfold
ummmmmm the thrill of the mystery.....which toy?? who's watching?? pulse pounding mystery.....
7) leather cuffs and collar
8) rope and more rope
9) dog stakes - 4 of them
10) bondage tape
bondage tape??!!! i nearly clapped my hands in glee when i read that ... bondage tape... i LOVE having my head entirely completely enveloped in bondage tape... the sensory deprivation is mind boggling.. BUT the very best part is the removal of the tape.. the feeling that my skin is peeling off...
11) Willie - the dildo
12) the new little vibrator - reserved for ass play - though in my case more like "ass training"
13) KY !!!!!
these last ones definitely fall under the heading of "humiliation play" for me... i wonder as my heart pounds if Sir plans on taking me to the back woods and using me .. for all to see?? remembering watching a subbie being fucked silly last year at camp .. listening to her moans and shrieks of pleasure .. remembering my burning face just from the little bit of watching i did...wondering will it be my turn this year?? to be taken so publically?? wondering if i will be staked out for all to look at ???

packing takes on a whole new meaning when each item plays a little harder on my memories.. making my pulse race and my heart pound........
and best of all .. Mother Nature is forecasting sunshine all weekend long!!!!


  1. Sounds like an interesting list but I see no mention of bathing suits or tent poles should I put them on my list for you ?

    I thought your post was going to be 12 days of camp a carrol of sorts

    see ya soon


  2. have an excellent adventure!


  3. Anonymous4:09 am

    *hugs* enjoy!


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