Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday morning musings.......

Last night Sir ordered me to play with myself before sleep and bring myself to orgasm twice. i honestly wasn't in the mood. BUT that is what this is all about isn't it?? Doing things you aren't necessarily in the mood for???

i did learn that it is important to make sure that all toys are in working order.. especially vibrators. It is no fun to discover that the batteries have just enough juice in them to make the thing hum.. but not enough juice to make it vibrate !!! i also learned it is absolutely no fun to get out of bed and plod around the house trying to find 3 AA batteries when you would much rather be playing!!! i did give myself a gold star though, for 1) remembering to buy a gross of AA batteries and 2) leaving them upstairs in an easy to get to drawer!

And another thing.. i have a couple of very strange fetishes... well at least i think they are strange.. i adore wood.. no it is more than adoring.. i crave it .. love it.. and get very horny from the feel of it .. the smell of it (imagine me in a Home Depot walking through the wood section..... yummmmmmmmmmy smells.. better than chocolate!!) Last night i remembered another weird fetish i have....... i adore KY jelly. KY you might ask?? yup KY jelly. Now it isn't like i have to have the stuff, nope that has never been a problem for me.. but once a long long time ago, i remember KY being used on a dildo on me. And how the feel of the slickness, the wetness, the slipperyness of it made me just about cum with no effort. For some strange reason, in my head, KY is humiliating. Ok now see if you can follow this logic....... KY is for use when one is dry.. right?? and i am almost never dry! i am usually always in a heightened state of .. umm.. shall we say "readiness"?? So for some reason i find KY humiliating as though i am not wet enough....... embarassing situation for me... ok ok.. maybe it is only clear in my lil mind.

Anyway.. last night after the batteries were replaced and everything was vibrating along quite nicely... i had an amazing mind altering orgasm. One orgasm. And all i wanted to do at that point was snuggle down and drift off to sleep. BUT wait! Sir ordered two orgasms.. sighhhh.... and i hadn't even wanted one.. so a second was gonna be a task. i laid there for awhile running all my favourite fantasies through my lil mind.. but nothing was working. Then KY popped into my head. A nice big jar of KY. i knew there was some .. somewhere in the house.. but where?? and ugh.. it was gonna mean hopping out of bed and plodding around hunting it down. Nope wasn't gonna happen... i was too contented and snuggly in the bed. Then i remembered a bottle of something in the night table beside the bed. i rolled over and opened the drawer.. ahhh yes .. a nice small bottle with an orange top.... i could just make out what i thought was KY on the label.... (i do NOT wear my glasses to bed ... so reading is more than a little challenge!!) At that point i really didn't care what it was.. it was liquid.. i was tired and wanted sleep.. and i still had one more orgasm to go.. it would DO. i popped the lid and poured some liquid over and down the vibrator. Closed the lid and popped the vibrator back in........... ohhhhhhhhhhh my it did slide in ever so nicely... and out again ever so nicely !!! i could feel the liquid running inside me and spilling out a little bit running down between my ass cheeks. There is something about that feeling........... oh yeah something!

i started to move the vibrator in and out slowly.. increasing the intensity.. trying to get my body to respond. Then almost out of the blue i started to feel HEAT inside me.... almost a burn. i stopped immediately and panicked. My motto is .. when in doubt - PANIC. The burning heat stopped too. i resumed the in and out motion. The heat resumed. This time however it made me remember when Sir has put in listermint strips.. that nice hot burning feeling. So i continued with the in and out .. the friction seemed to heat things up even more. Well i will skip the sordid details.. but will say i had an amazing second orgasm.

Once i had caught my breath, i plodded out of bed to wash the vibrator (not myself as that is usually NOT allowed till the following morning). On my way back to bed, i grabbed my glasses from the computer desk and pulled them on. Picking up the bottle with the orange top i read......... KY warming jelly!!! and to think i thought it was a gimmick when Sir brought it to me!!!!

Glasses.. batteries.. and weird fetishes.. friday morning musings.........


  1. I guess that you do not keep glue by the bed now?

  2. i love how you tell your stories, i was sitting at the edge of my chair wondering what it was that you used!!

  3. Anonymous4:22 pm

    i've read a few back entries in your blog (and i wasn't going to comment until i saw the entry concerning nipple clamps)

    i had my nipples pierced a few months ago after weighing out the options in relation to BDSM.

    i -hate- nipple clamps because they are just so darn the point that i can't enjoy the pain, and i focus entirely on how much i hate the sensation (i get instantly dry, and my girlfriend and i pretty much have to stop whatever we are doing)

    however, i went ahead and got mine pierced, and it was significantly less painful than the clamps...the healing time is long, and the piercings are prone to being lymphy and/or bloody if they aren't treated gently (especially during healing).

    i've had mine for 6 months now, and they have brought me (and my girlfriend) more joy than nipple clamps ever could have.

    i encourage you to go get yours done (just be extremely careful about who does the piercing, and make sure that Sir is willing to be tender).


  4. i am glad you did decide to comment zhenya for a number of reasons.. 1) to get another completely different view on nipple piercings.. and 2) because i am never sure if anyone actually reads my blog.. it is nice to know there are some who do read it.....

    thanks again for your views on piercings.. i will certainly let you know if Sir or i change O/our minds :)


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