Monday, May 30, 2005

Blue Mondays

All in all it was a quiet weekend.. oh Sir played with me.. a spanking here.. a fucking there... a paddling thrown in for good measure.. oh yeah and some needling to keep me off why oh why does it feel like a "blue Monday" then??

Last weekend Sir gave me a lovely long session with time for high flying....... the endophins were flowing through my blood stream taking me higher and higher.... ohhhh how glorious it was...... it had been so long i had forgotten the joys of an endophin high....

and this weekend was quiet.. and i am craving the endophin high.. i have to admit it .. i am an endophin junky :( and the craving for an endophin high is a pain that cuts to the very soul of me....

This morning before Sir left He would reach for me to spank my ass.. to twist a nipple and it made me want to cry.. i wanted to cry out "STOP" because i need so much more.. and it is not my right to need ......... a subbie's lot in life... to please and expect nothing in return.. to trust that what one really needs will be fulfilled....

Blue Mondays........ gotta hate them

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