Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hard day's night

It was quite late when Sir took me downstairs and put me up on the cross..... my mind was rebelling. i felt like stamping my foot ...... i wasn't at all sure what i needed or wanted.. but i was kinda thinking i didn't need or want a session.

i wasn't gonna make a sound... i was just gonna take what Sir gave me and not make one tiny lil sound!!! i was throwing a subbie temper tantrum. This morning i have no idea really what toys Sir started with, BUT i do know which ones brought down the "wall" i had surrounded myself with... the above ones.... the knotted rope flogger 3 knots on each strand - and to think i made the damn thing!!!! the purple plastic flogger with falls that can and do leave little purple dots all over my ass... the stiff leather flogger rated high on the pain scale by Helmut the craftsman.. only one harder than that He boasted when He sold it to Sir a couple of years ago....

Each toy in its own way as hard as nails ... biting into my back and my ass with unrelenting precision.... until.. my mind on fire .. my body crumbling .. my resolve to be quiet broken.. i cried out...

Stopping only long enough to run His hands down my body to feel the heat generated.. to whisper in my ear to "breath" and the pain resumed.. Sir was as unrelenting as the bite and sting of the toys.. my tears did not distract Him from His "mission".... and the picture in my befuddled brain was that my body was not mine any longer... it was twisting and turning in some storm created by Sir... and finally all i wanted was to crumble into His arms .. have Him hold me and caress me.. and all would be right with the world once again..

Some time later i was firmly grasped in His arms.. petted and stroked and calm.... the ugly storm in my mind had passed and all was once again right.
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  1. Anonymous5:43 pm

    :) amazing what a Master who knows us cam do hmmm?

    Hugs sweetness...


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