Thursday, August 03, 2017

Ridiculous Week

Sir Steve's birthday is tomorrow.  Saturday is his big birthday bash.  I have been going back and forth to the city all week to bake and shop and organise.  I haven't been sleeping (making my endless lists in my head) I think Sir Steve is tired of my obsessing over trying to make everything perfect for Saturday.  Why in god's name did I think I could pull off a fancy dinner party at a camp ground ??!!  I need my head examined.

On the bright side though -- all my baking has turned out perfectly -- only one hanging basket of flowers has wilted (his mom is a plant fiend and I wanted the perfection to extend to even the flowers) -- and I am on track to be totally prepared by tomorrow at 5 when his parents arrive for a pre birthday dinner.

but I am exhausted

and the tears of exhaustion are never very far away.

On a very bright note.... remember the cousin I told you about - the lil girl who hid behind a tree because of some nasty talk at the other trailer.  Well I have been talking to her whenever I see her -- smiling a lot -- being cheerful and interested and engaging whenever I have bumped into her.......... and last night she just bounced up onto our deck to have a visit.  looks like my plan has worked -- show her she has nothing to worry about......... 

Sir Steve's special present from me is all ready - finally.... despite my printer acting up ....... it's safely locked in my trunk until tomorrow night -- hopefully his parents will toddle off to their hotel early enough so I can give it to him before he poops out -- or I do......and maybe squeeze in some private time before the total chaos which will be my weekend arrives.

I realize as I sit here in the early morning quiet (when I really should be getting dressed and rushing back to the city ) that there won't be a whole lot of quiet time this weekend..... won't be any private time for my mind and soul to recharge.... I wish I could bottle this peace and quiet .... for emergencies (small smile)

But it is only one weekend and I love this man so much I would sacrifice just about anything to make sure THIS birthday is special.

Life is good when love can carry you through the chaos.

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