Saturday, August 19, 2017

Back in the City

We're back in the city for the weekend.  IF anyone is interested the picture today is an aerial shot of our little town.

I arrived back late morning yesterday - with the laundry to do and a shopping list.  Sir Steve got home late from work.  

Last night was another little 'appetizer' of the upcoming fun..... some nipple torture and pussy spanking.... and I could yelp and wiggle and make all the noise I wanted to (grinning)  Sir Steve teased me by making reference to my smart assed comment about the "masochist" coming for the weekend -- and in his mind she seemed a pretty wimpy masochist.  (smart ass!)

This morning Sir Steve is sleeping (gonna let him sleep till he wakes up -- it's been a long couple of weeks for him.)  BUT then we have some adventures of our own to do.... This is 'open door' weekend across Ontario (or so I have been told) and all the museums and tourist traps are free today and tomorrow.  I really want to see the old jail -- and maybe a couple of other museums.  

Then there is a big food fair that spreads for 2 blocks in the center of the city........... and I am thinking it would be fun to have lunch in those 2 blocks -- try some interesting foods/restaurants ............... only thing is I have awoken to a cloudy rainy day (see me pout?) BUT the weather man says there should be a break in the misery for a few hours around mid day........ keeping my fingers crossed.

Life is very good when you get a weekend off from every day routines (and nosy prying busy bodies)

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